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32KHz Sillicon Oscillator,Crystal Oscillator
Analog CMOS-IC/Custom IC
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The best crystal oscillator for the application is being offered as a crystal oscillator maker by optimizing of crystal
and optimizing IC.
The crystal oscillator of [Product list] is always stocked.
VCXO-74.175MHz ,74.250MHz for HDTV and VCXO-:27MHz for MPEG-2 are always stocked for 3.3V and for 5.0V
AnaSem will receive it in the package of 3.3V specification, 5.0V specification, SMD:7×5mm, and 14pin Full Size acceding to a request.

It can Wide Operation Voltage(1.5-6.0V) it Low Phase Noise(-163dB/Hz) according to our original fixed current
drive oscillation circuit

(The best oscillator can be composed of the highest low noise characteristic and a wide range of driving voltage.)

The best crystal oscillator for the application is being offered as a crystal oscillator maker by
optimizing of crystal
and optimizing IC.
Settling and the reduction in costs of an analog value by the laser adjustment were achieved
in the crystal oscillator
 and analog IC.
The adjustment of the temperature characteristic and the optimization of an analog value were achieved.
The characteristic more than hybrid can be achieved with IC.
Crystal oscillator
★Minimum OCXO:SMD(7*5*1.8mm) development.
Accuracy }0.1ppm`5ppm
*The crystal oscillator series of 32.768KHz is commercialized.
Tuningfork crystal use :+30 to -60ppm/3uA(6.5×4×2mm)

AS32768TDA AS32768TDB

AT CUT crystal use:±20ppm/35uA(3.2×2.5×1mm)AS32768AKA
Silicon oscillator:±1%/5uA(SMD SOT-25)
SMD and 14PIN-DIP-F/S are manufactured by the 5V VCXO SPXO product
☆27MHz-VCXO for MPEG-2 is commercialized with SMD of 7×5×1.7mm.

☆74.175MHz,74.250MHz for the high-definition television are commercialized.with SMD-VCXO.
☆Custom order for up to 80MHz-LVCMOS SMD/VCXO
LVDS,LVPECL output 148.35MHz,and 156.25MHzSPXO are commercialized.
☆It receives an order of analog CMOS custom integrated circuit with built-in magnetism/current sensor.
☆I will receive a short delivery date and the order for a small amount.
Head office:6-18-12 Maehara Higashi
Funabashi Chiba Japan 274-0824
TEL:+81-47-476-2768 FAX:+81-47-476-2758
IP Phone:050-3478-3032
 Phase Noise 156.25MHz/LVPECL-SPXO 
 AnaSem Holdings Crystal Oscillator Phase Noise Data

Two chips with CMOS heater chip, the temperature control function, and the
frequency temperature correction function in SMD-PKG(7~5~1.8mm) are
installed.Oscillation IC@and Crystal is maintained to 90`100 with the heater.
The oscillation frequency within the range of the temperature of the quartz vibrator
is maintained and the frequency stability level is maintained by always making the
temperature of the oscillation substrate constant even if an environmental
temperature changes.
As for the quartz vibrator, the reliability of OCXO that the temperature change of
the repetition doesn't include the temperature change severely to reliability
becomes a good conditioD
There is not a possibility of the bit change of TCXO, and either it is steady
operation warrantable.
Frequency StabilityF}0.1ppmiType 14pinchoj}0.2`5ppm(7~5~1.85mm)
PKGFSMD-Epoxy(7~5~1.85mm),Ceramic(Type H:7~5~1.8mm),14pin-Dip
Power ConsumptionF500mW/3.3V/20MHz
Heater TemperatureF90`100
Frequency RangeF10MHz`250MHz
Phase NoiseF-162dBc/Hz(10KHz)/20MHz
Operation VoltageF3.3V}5%

32.768KHz Temprature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
The clock function and the low current consumption sleep mode clock of high accuracy can be done
Oscillarion start time is 100msec, small size and a wide range of the operation voltage are achieved.
@ It is the best for standard clocks such as mobile PC, PDA, and cellular phones.
Output frequency:32.768KHz
Frequency stability:+30 to -60ppm/-10 to +60℃,+300ppm/25℃
Oscillation start time:typ 100msec,max 500msec
Power consumption:typ 3uA,max 5uA
Operation voltage:1.5V to 5.5V
☆Product series:AS32768TDA(+30 to -60ppm/-10 to +60℃)AS32768TDB(+30 to -60ppm/-40 to +85℃)
AT-CUT-32.768KHz Crystal Oscillator
32.768KHz is obtained with the circuit of dividing frequency
by using the quartz vibrator of 16.777216MHz of the AT-cut crystal
Because the temperature characteristic is better than the cylinder crystal,
±10ppm can be achieved.
Current consumption has decreased from past 200uA to 35uA/1.8V because it adopts the circuit
of an original, dynamic dividing frequency in dramatic form.
Operating voltage:1.7V to 5.5V
Oscillation start time:1msec
Frequency stability:±10ppm/-40 to +85℃
Product series:AS32768AKA
CMOS Monolithic Clock Oscillator(CMO)
A highly accurate clock is composed only of silicon
The vibration-proof the vibration, the oscillation start time, and the range of
the operation temperature improve rapidly compared with the crystal
Outputfrequency:32.768KHz(32KHz to 250MHz)
Oscilation start time:50usec
Power consumption:5uA/32KHz,2mA/12MHz/3.3V
Operation temperature:-40 to +150
Frequency stability:±0.01 to 0.1%(CSP-PKG),±0.1 to ±2%(Mold-PKG)
Product series:CM32768BTA(1%)
MPEG-2 Voltage ContorolledCrystal Oscillator(VCXO)
27.000MHz-VCXO for digital image compression MPEG-2.000MHz-VCXO(7×5×1.7mm)
It adopts it for image compressions MPEG-2 such as digital TV, STB, DVD
Output frequency:27.000MHz
Frequency Pullability:min±110ppm,typ±150ppm
Frequency stability:±30ppm/-20 to +70℃
Operating voltage:3.3V±5%,5.0V±5%
Product series:
Digital Hi-Vision Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VCXO for 74.175824MHz or 74.250MHz for digital Hi-Vision TV are mounted in SMD PKG(7×5×1.7mm) Pullability guarantees APR≧±70ppm.
It is the best for small, efficient, and making of Hi-Vision equipment
high reliability
☆Output Frequency:74.175824MHz,74.250MHz
☆Frequency Pullability:min±70ppm
☆Frequency stability:±35ppm/-20 to +70℃
☆Operation voltage:3.3V±5%
☆Products series:
LVDS/LVPECL Crystal Oscillator(SPXO)
The highest phase noise in SPXO-IC 20MHz-212MHz of the constant current drive method is achieved.
☆LVDS/25MHz:Operation V:1.8V to 3.5V/Power C:6mA/1.8V:AS25000SDLD
☆LVDS/62MHz:Operation V:2.3V to 3.5V/Power C:17mA/2.5:AS62500SDLB
☆LVDS/148MHz:Operation V:1.7V to 3.5V/Power C:21mA/1.8V:AS14850SDLC
☆LVDS/212MHz:Operation V:3.0V to 3.5V/Power C:53mA/3.3V:AS21250SDLB
☆LVPECL/100MHz:Operation V:3.3V±5%/Power C:35mA/3.3V:AS10000SDPA
☆LVPECL/156MHz:Operation V:3.3V±5%/Power C:50mA/3.3V:AS15625SDPC
☆LVPECL/212MHz:Operation V:3.3V±5%/Power C:72mA/3.3V:AS21250SDPB

■Technological outline

■Custom integrated circuit
To optimize all analog circuit CMOS making, our company established the process oftrimming the fuse with built-in chip by the laser blow.
This technology overcomes the difference of the characteristic of analog CMOS-IC, and impossible high performance and a high yield have been achieved in other methods.
Offering efficient, high-quality, analog CMOS-IC with which the customer was able to be pleased
by the laser trim in large quantities and at a low price became possible.

It became easy to commercialize the multi function circuit that accumulated making to low power,
an analog circuit, and the digital circuit not achieved easily by the bipolar technology in making analog CMOS IC.

It became easy to commercialize the multi function circuit
Making of the battery equipment and long-lived the energy saving of an electronic equipment are urgent
problems and domination and the utility of CMOS are remarkable further.

In this flow, our company pursues the mixedsignal technology that unites the analog technology with the digital
technology aiming at CMOS One Chip System.

Circuit that can be achieved by analog CMOS
Voltage reference circuit where temperature characteristic is controlled by nA power consumption.
Control of temperature characteristic (the first function characteristic, the second function characteristic,
and the third function characteristic)

Low current consumption(uA→nA)
Low voltage operation(operation voltage of 1V or less)
Low voltage and low current consumption operation amplifier
Sensor with built-in chip(voltage, current, temperature, light, and magnetism and pressure)
Clock with built-in high stability chip(1% to 100ppm)

High frequency operation
High voltage and large current operation